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Few important things about Rogaine


Male pattern baldness is increasingly seen in a lot of men in the current age. Minoxidil solution is used for the treatment of male pattern baldness. It is one of the effective medicines for growth of hair and is widely used under the brand name of Rogaine. This may be quite effective and brings results within shorter time frame. However, there are certain things to remember while using this solution.

If you have patchy hair loss it would not be a smart idea to use Minoxidil solution because this may not help you in any way. Similarly the solution can’t bring effective result to the hair loss problem found in women after giving birth to a child. It is always advised that you clean your scalp thoroughly before applying the medicine. If you are going to use it for the very first time without having much knowledge about the application, it would definitely be a good idea to consult a hair expert or your physician prior to initiating a treatment plan. Being well specialized about the cause of male pattern baldness, he can provide the right solution for your specific case.

If you are using any styling products like conditioners or gels on your hair, you should not apply it immediately after using Rogaine. The best idea is to wait for a few hours and let the solution dry off completely. After that you can easily use the gel or conditioner on your hair. Some people are also found to have scalp irritation problem after using Minoxidil solution. Hence it is always good to test it on your scalp prior to commencing treatment. Apply a small portion of the solution on your hair and allow it to dry. If any irritation occurs on your scalp you can stop using the solution immediately and consult your specialist for alternative solutions.

Using Rogaine solution can produce effective result and promote hair growth process. However, there are some side effects of using the solution. Burning sensation on the head may found after using the solution. In certain cases the patient may also experience redness or stinging problem on his head. These types of problem can be quite serious sometimes causing complete loss of hair. Therefore it is always advised that you consult the right professional and seek his assistance.

The solution is available in 2 concentrations, 2 percent and 5 percent strengths. The 2 percent solution is used in case of both men and women while the 5 percent solution is only applicable to men. In few cases the medicine may enter into your body and cause few health complications. Therefore it is always important that you follow right precautions while applying Rogaine on your hair. Since the medicine may contain alcohol and cause dryness or itching problem in skin, it is always better to use it under the supervision of your primary care physician or a recognized hair expert.

Using Rogaine for 4-6 months can enhance hair growth and you may be able to have soft, shiny and thick hair on your head. However, you should always keep all these above points in mind while using the solution. Regular consultation with a doctor is always advised to get rid from any serious allergies during the course of treatment.


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