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Treatment of Hair Loss for Men and Women | Hair Pep

Hair loss treatment

Hair loss has been a very widespread problem affecting both the male and female population. There are many reasons for hair loss and this include both physical as well as psychological. But you will see that the effects of hair loss may vary from one individual to another. These days there are many hair loss treatment have been developed by the hair experts for the problem of hair loss.

A few of such treatments involve some kind of surgeries or then a few also include oral medication. You will see that a few kinds of hair loss problems are either gender specific or then because of a specific reason. A few disorders which cause this kind of problem include that of thyroid problems, stress, improper diet and various other factors. These can be a few reasons which may cause hair loss but then you also have to see that you treat the disorder from the root first.

The best and the most opted for hair loss treatment these days is the hair replacement surgery. This is one treatment which can just be performed by the professionals who have adequate experience. This treatment is advisable especially for those who have lost their hair because of prolonged stress, application of various chemicals to the scalps and some kind of distress to the scalp too. This involves three simple stages. The first will be the extraction phase, second would be the healing phase and last would be the implantation phase. It is then you will see that your hair will start growing properly after 4 to 5 months.

If you do not wish to go for this method then the option hair loss treatment which you can go for is medication. Taking oral drugs will always have a positive effect and will facilitate the healthy regrowth of your hair. Minoxidil is one good and also a very safe way in which you can have a hair re growth. This was on which was previous used in treating high blood pressure but now after many researches it has been seen that it contributes more towards hair re growth.

One thing which is important here is that you should get started with this treatment just when baldness begins. This is because it is this medicine that induces hair growth just when the loss has begun. When you start to see further for such hair loss treatment you will also see that there are many other drugs available for pattern baldness and can be discriminated on gender basis also.

Apart from this you will see that one of the most well known and accepted treatments is the instilling of vitamins. It is not just vitamins but also supplements which ensure hair re growth. They are also well known for keeping hair healthy and the hair growth cycle is provided with its natural order. Regular intake of the right vitamins can be one great treatment which you can choose and get along with.

Any kind of hair loss treatment you may choose needs to provide you with an optimal solution to suit your specific condition.

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