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Stop Hair Loss with Hair Pep for Both Men and Women

Ingredients used in Hair Pep

The ingredients found in Hair Pep are 100% natural and safe. No chemicals have been added in the manufacturing process of hair pep which makes it hypoallergenic. The components in Hair pep contain active DHT inhibitors which contains and blocks the production of 5 alpha reductase which causes interruptions in normal hair growth. Hair pep is packed with natural ingredients like vitamins, zinc, gamma acids, alpha acids and oleic acid. They GLA and ALA are fatty acids which can be found and can be derived from plant oils. Each individual acid can inhibit the growth of 5 Alpha – Reductase and thus impede DHT. They also help to fight type 1 5 Alpha –reductase which is notably found on the scalp. The fatty acids found in Hair pep also prevents inflammation of the scalp.

Hair pep has been used on a trial basis and reviews state that in almost 90% of the cases a positive sign of hair growth was seen after four to eight weeks of application. This included a decrease in hair loss and thickened hair growth all over. Most people using this were not on any other hair loss treatments. Among the male hair loss group most of them had complained of profuse thinning of hair. After using Hair pep for about five months they had thicker hair growth near the receding hair line and the hair fall had decreased significantly. Among females who had hair loss they experienced a bit of increased hair shed in the first two weeks and it was followed by a decrease in hair fall and at the same time they could visibly see fine hair growing in the receding areas and some who used Hair pep longer saw visible thickening of the hair.

None of the participants complained of any other reaction or allergic conditions on the scalp.

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