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Natural Hair Loss Treatment for Female | Hair Pep

Female hair loss

Women generally spend a lot of time with their hair. They like to sport new hairstyles and apply colour and visit hair dressers for those special occasions like parties and weddings. In the long run they fail to see that their hair is subjected to a lot of damage. Thinning hair can be devastating for woman and sometimes can even lead to depression.

Are you one among the many women suffering from female hair loss? In women the main types of hair loss are the female patterned hair loss, Alopecia, hair loss caused by low iron content, thyroid imbalances, surgery etc. This kind of hair loss is termed as Telogen effluvium. This condtion is characterised by a massive amount of hair fall from all over the scalp. Tight braiding and pulling of hair can also result in female hair loss.

Do you believe in myths about hair loss? The common among them being that hair loss is caused by poor circulation in the follicles, or clogged pores or hair lice? Its time you know about the major factor causing hair loss: - DHT or Di hydro testosterone is none other than the male sex hormone androgen. Like males women also lose hair as a result of changes in the breakdown of androgen in the body and although DHT affects men more than woman, it can cause female hair loss too. Hair-pep for women is the best answer to all these problems.

How dose DHT cause hair loss? Testosterone enters the hair follicle cells through what is called androgen receptors. Once in the cells, testosterone endures enzymatic reactions and releases di hydro testosterone which is the core cause of hair loss. Hair growth becomes slow and sometimes follicles die.

Hair-pep is prepared with great care using powerful but natural anti DHT ingredients. The solution contains trans pep nutrient delivery system through which vital ingredients like amino acids, minerals, vitamins and trace elements are instilled into the hair follicle to facilitate natural regrowth. With Hair pep, a 100% regrowth is possible in female hair loss.

Hair-pep has no synthetic or artificial chemicals that could damage you hair or cause allergic reactions. Its ingredients are entirely herbal and hence do not cause itchiness or redness of the scalp like some other products do.

Hair-pep is easy to apply and is not oily or messy. It can be applied at bed time and washed off the following morning with a good shampoo. It is always good to use herbal shampoos to carry out the treatment because you may use shampoos with heavy chemicals which may damage the hair. Hair care along with hair-pep is necessary gaining full results. You must use the lotion for the period prescribed to see visible results. Stopping it midway may affect correction of female hair loss. The solution absorbs well.

Physicians recommend topical solutions like Hair pep for female hair loss especially if it is determined that the hair loss is due to excess androgen. Prescribing drugs can tamper with normal functioning of the body. Start using Hair pep as soon as the hair loss begins because prolonging it may cause follicles to die. Most women using Hair-pep reported good hair growth in the first few months.

Are you considering hair grafts for fast remedy? Hair grafts are expensive and so are other surgical forms of hair restoration. They have their own pitfalls. One needs to see a very good and aesthetically skilful doctor and even if you find one it is a heavy price to pay. Many times a cosmetic surgery has burnt pockets and has yielded no results.

You can say goodbye to wigs with Hair-pep. However natural the manufacturers claim they look, wigs can always be recognised. They give a transient satisfaction but female hair loss is always depressing when you face reality. You can face the mirror with confidence after using hair –pep foe a few months and see the new sprouts of hair all over the scalp. You are covered by a refund guarantee and questions asked. If you are not happy with the product or if the product t is not effective you can return it. You can never see that has happened in any of the testimonials and the house of Hair –pep is that confident.

Hair-pep is easy to order online. The product is shipped in 2 business days and they are packed to perfection. You can track your order once it is shipped. We accept almost all major credit cards. Say goodbye to female hair loss with Hair pep and regain your confidence and self-esteem.

Your complete hair loss solution is now just a click away.

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