6 Natural Hair Loss Cures You Must Try

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6 Natural Hair Loss Cures You Must Try

You must be totally shattered when you find strands of hair on your comb each time you comb your hair or bunches of hair going down the drain when you wash it. If you are totally stressed out because of this, it is time to reach out for effective hair loss cure.

Before going for cure, it is important for you to know that losing up to 100 strands of hair a day is normal. You should be concerned only when you start losing more than that. Here are 6 effective home remedies that will help stop hair loss.

  1. Coconut oil – Coconut oil promotes hair growth and there are many other benefits that come along with its use. Regular use of coconut oil keeps your hair conditioned and reduces hair breakage by supplying essential minerals, fats and proteins. As coconut is rich in iron and potassium it helps a lot in preventing hair fall. The coconut oil should be warmed up a little bit and then gently massaged on the root tip. Leave the oil on the hair for about an hour and then wash it with a shampoo. Alternately, you can also squeeze out coconut milk and apply it on the areas where the hair is thinning after mixing it with water. Wash it off the next morning after leaving it on overnight.
  2. Hibiscus – Hibiscus is a flower that helps with hair loss cure. Apart from controlling hair fall, hibiscus also treats dandruff, prevents premature graying and keeps hair completely nourished. Make a paste with coconut or sesame oil mixed with crushed hibiscus flowers. Apply this paste on the scalp and leave it on for a few hours before using a mild shampoo and cold water to rinse it off.
  3. Garlic – High in sulphur content, garlic is also beneficial when it comes to hair loss cure. Garlic is a key ingredient in traditional hair growth medicines. Take a few garlic cloves, crush them, put them in coconut oil and boil for a few minutes. Allow this mix to cool and then gently massage on scalp. Wash your hair using a mild shampoo after half an hour. If you do this twice a week, you will be able to see good results.
  4. Onion juice - Collagen production in the hair is increased by sulphur present in abundance in onion. Hair fall can be effectively controlled by applying onion juice on the scalp. Squeeze out the juice of one onion, apply it on the scalp and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Use mild shampoo and cold water to wash it off. Do not use a hair dryer to dry the hair. Leave it to dry naturally. Do this twice a week and you will be able to see immediate results.
  5. Egg – Egg is an important source of protein, zinc, iodine, selenium, phosphorous and sulphur. Egg promotes hair growth by controlling and preventing hair fall. You need to mix a teaspoon of olive oil with egg white of one egg and then apply it on the scalp and hair after beating it till it becomes a paste. Leave it on for about twenty minutes and then wash it off with cold water and mild shampoo.
  6. Henna – Henna has a number of properties that help with hair loss cure. Henna is popularly used as a natural conditioner. Add 60gms of washed and dried henna to 250ml mustard oil and boil the mixture. Filter the oil and regularly massage your scalp.

These are few effective natural hair loss cure options that you can try. Try a few and choose the one that works best for you.

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A Detailed Overview on Hair Loss Treatment

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A Detailed Overview on Hair Loss Treatment

Healthy hair is a reflection of your beauty and glamour. If you lack healthy then you may not find your comfort zone in the society. And, this might result in your depleted confidence level. The health care industry has greatly progressed in the field of hair loss treatment, and so there is always a solution available for curing hair loss. If you are concerned about your hair loss, then you must opt for these treatments without wasting too much time.

Two Distinct Methods to treat Your Hair Loss:-

In order to get cure from your excessive hair loss, hair loss treatment is necessary to retain your beauty. Due to continuous researches and experiments, the scientists have come up with such treatments that can be handled chemically and naturally. Both the ways are effective, but everything depends upon the cause behind your hair fall. Some more details are mentioned below in order to help you to make a decision.

Natural Treatment for Hair Loss –

In order to treat the loss of your hair, you will hear a long list of recommendations of creams, oil, supplement among your friends and relatives which most of the time is found to be futile and waste of money. So it is better to take care naturally rather than chemically, since these chemicals and drugs are often found to have side-effects on you. That is the reason behind the current popularity of natural ways of hair loss treatment where there are less chances of your getting side effects or facing some other issues.

Artificial Treatment for Hair Loss –

Well, it is true that hair loss treatment is safe if it is naturally done. But in our modern times people have adopted some artificial ways to treat hair loss, and this method is also very effective and time saving. In fact, there are some dermatologists who deliberately steer their patients toward adaptation of such artificial treatment when they fail to cure them naturally.

How Will You Decide Which Option Is Better for You?

The more you delay in taking a hair loss treatment, the more you will find your once-beautiful hair getting thin and thinner. So it is better to either care naturally or chemically. But the best option for you depends upon the actual cause of your hair loss. There are several reasons that may result in your hair fall.

  • Pollution
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Hereditary
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Menopause

By considering all the information mentioned above, you should also understand that hair fall does not have one single solution. So the best thing to do is to consult with a professional and get his advice on what is the best approach for you. He will identify the root cause behind the hair fall and then suggest you the proper approach. One you realize the cause of your problem it is easy to opt for a treatment procedure because you will be making a decision that is based on solid reasons. So take out time and do the needed research in order to make the best decision in this regard.

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Best Hair Loss Treatment For Men To Stop Male Pattern Baldness

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Best Hair Loss Treatment For Men To Stop Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss treatment for men has been a major concern for many generations. Most men are stressed over hair loss because balding is often recognized with aging. Unfortunately in some men, male pattern baldness might start even in young age. Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness is caused by hereditary. It is accredited to the male hormone testosterone. This hormone is converted to DHT which affects the hair follicles and shrinks them. The hair follicles gradually become so small that they just form shorter and weaker hair. Then ultimately the hair growth stops.

This condition follows a specific pattern. It begins with a declining hairline and some of the hair present on the top region of the head starts thinning. Ultimately, the balding area forms a U-shape around the back and sides of the head.

Best hair loss treatment is vital to cure the problem

Indeed, the best hair loss treatment for men is one that provides results that you are intending for; that is stopping hair thinning and new hair growth. Preferably, the treatment must comprise of natural ingredients and must not have any sort of adverse side effects. Below mentioned are few treatments for male hair loss.

Minoxidil – It is widely marketed as a hair growth cream or lotion. It has exhibited great effectiveness in male with less hair on the crown. It is applied two times per day and it is only effective as long as it is used.

Procera – It has been proved to be an amazing hair loss treatment for men. Procera comprises a natural active element called saw palmetto that blocks DHT to prevent hair loss. It is highly effective in averting male pattern baldness. New hair would also begin to grow and might cover the bald spot.

Finasteride – This prevents the conversion of hormone testosterone into DHT which is the root cause of male pattern baldness. This was initially prescribed by physicians to cure prostate problems but has been revealed to stop hair loss and reverse the balding process in few cases. As with most medications, there are some adverse effects which might be caused by this drug intake. This drug is meant only for men.

A better solution to stop the problem of baldness is natural hair products. They work precisely the same way as synthetic drugs. They block the DHT and stop it from joining the hair follicles. As they contain only natural ingredients there will be no side effects associated with this sort of treatment. This makes natural treatments the best and attractive alternative to synthetic drugs.

However, the treatment options to consider mainly depend upon the cause, hair loss stage, and many other things. Ensure to go for the right treatment for your hair loss to prevent baldness. There are many treatment options available today which can aid in curing male hair loss problem. Make sure to find the best hair specialist or doctor who can provide you the best advice and treatment.

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Balanced diet and proper hair care; key to stop hair loss

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Balanced diet and proper hair care; key to stop hair loss

People have the habit of worrying once the problem reaches its height. The same goes with the problem of hair loss. The answer to preventing hair loss lies in sensible hair care. If you start early then you can save a lot of emotional and financial trouble. Try to stop hair loss than treating it when you have suffered much loss. A sensible hair care routine can fix all your worries in the easiest ways. Here are a few quick tips for lustrous and healthy strands:

  • Maintain a easy hairstyle
  • Take care of your hair
  • Avoid chemical treatment of hairs
  • Embrace simple home remedies

Dirty hair is more susceptible to fungal infection which is commonly known as dandruff and one of the prime reasons for hair loss. To stop hair loss you need to keep your hair and scalp clean. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo every alternate day. Rinse them properly. While shampooing, you need to concentrate on the roots of the hair. Conditioner must be used only on the strands however. Trim your hair once in two months

In order to experiment with new looks we do several hair styles that stresses our mane. Hairstyles that pull your hair so tight that it affects the roots must be avoided as the strand breaks out from the follicle. Do not scratch your scalp. Your nails may also close follicle openings. Chemical treatments like hair rebinding, hot ironing and perming can also damage your mane. To stop hair loss, try drying your hair naturally. Do not roughly comb your hair when they are wet. This makes hair brittle and they easily fall out. You need to handle your hair gently.

Home treatments are the best for your hair. Make a pack of henna naturally obtained, with curd, hibiscus extracts, grounded fenugreek seeds and egg. Apply the pack on your hair. All the ingredients are easily available. Leave the pack for some time and wash it off with a mild shampoo. This will make your hair stands stronger and then maintaining the long hair will not be a problem anymore. Use a homemade conditioner, a decoction of tea and lemon juice.

Foods that can stop hair loss:

  • Spinach is a great source of iron, vitamin A and C. Iron deficiency at times causes hair fall. The sebum content of spinach conditions your hair and provides other important ingredients like omega 3 acid, calcium and magnesium for healthy mane.
  • Carrots contain Vitamin A considered well for a scalp. Sweet potato contains beta-carotene that again converts to Vitamin and helps in keeping a healthy scalp
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt are laden with VITAMIN b12, Omega 6 fatty acid, biotin (Vitamin B7) that is known to fight hair loss.
  • Walnuts are rich in Biotin, Vitamin (B1, B6 and B9), magnesium, protein. They strengthen hair. A DNA damage caused due to exposure of hair to sun is also prevented when your diet is rich in such nutrients.
  • Biotin, iron, zinc and protein are the major ingredients which are helpful in restoring the health of your scalp making it rich in oxygen supply.
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Finding it Difficult to Stop Hair Loss?

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Finding it Difficult to Stop Hair Loss?

Loss of hair often determines loss of our beauty. In that case this very process of continuous hair damage can often make both men and women feel uncomfortable and humiliated in their very own society. So it is essential for us to select proper prevention method to stop hair loss as it may create problems in future. Since there are different types of reasons responsible for growing bald so there are also different kind of baldness. However, it is important to detect the actual cause for your damaged hair.

Successful Steps Proved for Stopping Hair Loss:-

Losing hair has become a very common and delicate issue and it is advised to take action when the problem is in its primary stage only. There are various helpful ways to stop hair loss and to improve your hair condition so that they regenerate and do not become vulnerable to any sort of damage. Here are some lifestyle changes that you need to adopt.

  • Drink As Much Water As You Can – Water is the most important factor that you need the most to heal this problem. Suppose your body is always dehydrated then automatically your skin and hair cells will fail to grow. The more you drink water, the more cells will develop and you can even get a glowing skin. So you need to maintain a habit of drinking at least 2.5 liters of water.


  • Eat Mineral and Nutrient Based Diet – Your balanced diet must include eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables in order to stop hair loss. So nutrition plays an important role in the growth of hair. If your everyday diet lacks certain essential minerals, such as Iron, Zinc and deficiency of Protein and Vitamin leading to loss of hair, then there will be no sign of growth of new hair. It has been scientifically proved that Vitamin A is the most essential requirement for accelerating hair growth through cell and hair follicle nutrition.


  • Remain Stress-free – In order to stop hair loss it is best to remain stress-free. People lose a lot of hair due to stress. So it is best for your life to reduce your stress levels through meditation, reading books, playing musical instrument, yoga and find ways to take a break from hectic lifestyle.

Important Tips While Curing Hair Loss:

  • It is better to cure the problem naturally rather than pursuing expensive hair loss treatments. When you go for natural products, you will find yourself on a safer side.
  • If you find this natural means are not giving you enough results then you can choose from innumerable drugs and supplements available in the market to stop hair loss.
  • But while selecting any treatment, you should not be biased. You must investigate properly about the prescribed pills or drugs and have full knowledge regarding their dosage.
  • Toupees, hair weaves or some other extensive solutions can be the appropriate alternate ways to camouflage your thin hair.

HairPep has a wide range of products that help stop hair fall. All natural ingredients are used in the production and so you need not worry about any allergic reactions.

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Acupuncture to Prevent Hair Loss

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Acupuncture to Prevent Hair Loss

The problem of hair loss is increasing all over the world. For many people it is difficult to treat this issue because they are not aware about the root cause of their problem. Hair loss issue is common and it is a part of the aging process especially after 40. You need to promote the hair growth naturally so that you can easily cure hair loss.

Facts that you should know

There are number of alternatives for hair loss cure available in the market today. One of the best alternatives is acupuncture. In this process the practitioners’ use fine needles to treat your hair loss problem. The needles are inserted into your skin at particular points. The needles stimulate these points by making use of electromagnetic impulses. This process will remove the blocked energy in the body. Some of the tools used by acupuncture practitioners in order to treat the patient are plum blossom hammer and seven pointed star. The needles that are used for the process are inserted at specific point in the scalp. Though this process sounds like a very painful one but in reality it is painless as it is performed by qualified acupuncture specialist.

Acupuncture is among the most effective method of hair loss cure and is an ideal solution for hair growth. The most common reason for hair loss is associated with the circulation problems in the scalp. When your hair starts shedding then it’s the indication of less blood flow in the scalp. Good amount of blood flow into the hair scalp is quite important as it transports oxygen and nutrients to the cells. When the blood flow level is reduced, the scalp gets only small amount of nutrients and proteins. As such you will be having difficulty in new hair growth and maintaining the present hair.

The increased blood flow will reduce the hair loss problem. With the good amount of blood circulation, your scalp will get adequate amount of nutrition to support your hair growth. The acupuncture process will bring in great results when you follow a proper diet plan. So it’s better advised to visit well known, reliable and reputable acupuncture practitioner. A reliable acupuncturist should provide effective and comfortable treatment to the patients, and so it is important to do good research in order to find one in your area. They need to understand the sensitive points of the scalp and provide treatment accordingly.

Another great way to promote hair growth naturally is to increase the intake of vitamin E, it will not only help you to make your skin glow but it also stimulates the production of hair follicles that aids more hair growth. Vitamin E is essential in order to keep you healthy. Another preventive method is to massage your scalp with oil. Regular massaging of hair scalp with oil is a great way to stimulate hair growth and it loosens the hair follicles to give way for more hair growth. These are some of the methods that need to be followed for hair loss cure. Make sure that your hair is not always over styled with various chemicals and artificial colors which may lead to damage and breakage.

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Alleviate emotional impact of hair loss by treating the underlying problems

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Alleviate emotional impact of hair loss by treating the underlying problems

Hair loss is an issue faced by millions across the world today. Hair loss is a result of various reasons. Some people start balding in an early age due to genetic factors. Even women experience hair thinning due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle, stress and not enough care.

No matter what the reason is, hair loss cure is definitely possible and is the only way to alleviate the obvious emotional impact of hair loss. The best way to minimize, control and prevent hair loss is to identify and treat the underlying root cause of this condition.

There are many reasons for hair loss. Some of them are temporary. For example, a person undergoing chemotherapy can lose a lot of hair which will grow back after the treatment is complete. Some lose hair because of aging. If you are not happy with the way you are losing hair and wish to get your hair back then you can do so. Treating the underlying issue can prevent further hair fall if the cause is a condition or infection such as discoid lupus or lichen plan us.

  • Hair loss cure for male and female pattern baldness include various medications and treatments. For men, baldness is usually treated with medications, such as minoxidil and finasteride. While finesteride comes in the tablet form that can be taken every day, minoxidil is a lotion that must be applied on the scalp regularly. Both medications must be regularly used for a few months before any significant improvement can be seen. Though there are no side effects for both, the re-grown hair might fall if the treatment is stopped.
  • For women, treatment for baldness includes minoxidil, and corticosteroids. Women suffering from alopecia areata, a condition where baldness in certain areas of the head occurs without any reason, must wait patiently for the hair to grow back, which is almost certain in most cases. For small patches of alopecia, doctors prescribe corticosteroids. Solution of this medication is injected into the bald areas. When the hair follicles are no longer attacked by the immune system, hair growth is stimulated again. Significant results can be seen in four weeks’ time.
  • Hair loss cure for extensive hair fall can be treated by immunotherapy. Success rate for this type of treatment is a little over 50%. The bald skin is treated with diphencyprone or DPCP, a chemical solution. This solution is topically applied every week till the skin develops eczema as an allergic reaction. This leads to the re-growth of hair. The entire process can take about 12 weeks. Even in this process the hair fall starts again if the treatment is stopped.
  • Ultraviolet light treatment is another hair loss cure option. The patient has to visit the hospital every week for the light therapy or phototherapy session. Here the skin is exposed to the UV rays. Though responses may vary, this is a long drawn treatment. It might take a year to show significant results. Relapse rate is also very high in this type of hair loss treatment. UV light therapy is not usually recommended as it leads to a variety of side effects such as risk of skin cancer, skin pigment changes and nausea.
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Secrets That Tell You How to make hair grow faster?

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If you are still looking for the answer to the question how to make hair grow faster, then you are at the right place. First of all it is important to understand that hair cannot grow overnight. It’s a gradual process that requires proper nourishment and care for a long period of time, and you ought to allow that amount of time to your hair. It is a long process, but once you start caring for it, it will automatically boost the growth rate of your hair. The hair that grows fast and long can be styled in all possible ways, and with such an advantage you can play with your look.

How to make hair grow faster without hassle?
There are several things you can do for your hair in order to make it grow faster. Check out the following tips, which can be applied quite easily.

Comb your hair: Combing is the best way to keep your hair fresh and free from dust particles. Combing your hair regularly at least for 10 minutes will ensure that there is enough blood circulation in the scalp, and that would rejuvenate the hair follicles to facilitate healthy natural hair growth. However, it is essential to determine when to comb. You can comb your hair before you go for a shower because that would prevent it from getting tangled. Do not ever comb your hair when it is wet.

Cut the dead ends: It may sound a bit weird, but you require cutting your hair once in a month or two months in order to make your hair grow. Just cut half an inch from the bottom so that the dead ends are removed and your hair will grow faster than earlier. Dead ends split, and they don’t let the hair grow. So if you seriously want to know how to make hair grow faster, then you shall first provide it the time to grow.

Scalp massage: Massage your scalp with essential oils, which can include jojoba oil, almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil. These oils are essential to keep your scalp refreshed and moisturized. Dry scalp often gives rise to dandruff and with such problem the growth of hair is inhibited. It can even result in massive hair fall. Massage those oils into the scalp in a circular motion with your fingertips and shampoo it off after an hour.

Supply protein and vitamins: Have sufficient protein in your daily diet. Proteins are essential for hair growth as hair is in itself a protein. Fish, soya and lentils, can be consumed to meet the protein requirement of your body. Make sure to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits or take a supplement of Vitamins A, B, C and E.

Use natural hair products: Apart from changing your lifestyle to a less stressful one, it is essential to use natural hair products for long lasting impact. You can use natural hair packs, but at the same time make sure to use shampoo and conditioners that are organic and have less chemical content.

People are not sure of the options to make hair grow faster, and that is why they try different products advertised by the profit oriented companies. Now that you know how to make hair grow faster, say hello to the natural glow of your long hair.

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How to Grow Hair Faster –There Are More Ways than One

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Hair is one of the most prized physical attributes of human beings. Some are blessed with natural, beautiful long hair, while some are not. If you are not happy with your hair and often wonder how to grow hair faster, there are of course plenty of things that you can do. There are several reasons as to why your hair is not growing. Lack of proper nutrition or overexposure to chemicals might be the factors that are preventing the growth of your hair. You need to find out the internal or the external cause that is making your hair grow slower. On the basis of that, you can adopt the necessary steps.

Improving Your Diet and Sleep:

In order to get the perfect solution of how to grow hair faster, one of the most important things on which you need to concentrate is your diet. Make sure that you take vitamins on a daily basis, because without vitamins, your body will not be able to carry out the repair and growing functions properly. For instance, food containing vitamin C and vitamin B is very helpful and effective. In addition to that of a proper diet, you should also ensure that you get sound sleep. This will relieve you from stress and make your hair grow faster.

Making Use of the Right Hair Products:

There are different hair products available today. In order to understand how to grow hair faster, you need to find out the right hair product for yourself. As there are different kinds of hair, like dry hair, oily hair, damaged hair, etc., there are different kinds of products suitable for each type. Make sure that you are aware of your hair type. On the basis of that, you should select the right product that can give you effective results and benefits.

Belgenza’s silica free Shampoo

There are many people that have now found the effective answer of how to grow hair faster. Belgenza Shampoo and Cleanser have discovered new products to help people grow hair faster. The company has blended different ingredients together to create a product that actually works. The company has now started with patent application for the discovery of silicone free shampoo and an effective scalp spray. The company also claims that the shampoo made of food ingredients is completely pure and natural. Consequently, it has become a great product of choice for many people, including the celebrities and their hair stylists.

Once you have discovered the right technique of how to grow hair faster, it will not be difficult for you to follow the right step. If you are using any product available in the market, make sure that you check out the ingredients. If the ingredients are natural it is absolutely fine. On the other hand, if the ingredients contain chemical agents, make sure that they are not present in high proportion that can harm your hair.

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Sport a New Look with NeoGraft Technique

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There was a time when Female hair loss was associated only with age. However, this is not the case anymore. Women from all age groups are increasingly developing a tendency to lose large volumes of hair on a daily basis. This has certainly created a cause of concern among many people because constant thinning of hair can lead to baldness. It is true that there are many remedies and solutions available in the market that aims to treat the problem. However, if you suffer from the same condition, make sure that you do not go for any treatment blindly. Prior to that, you should try to understand the main cause of the problem and take the necessary steps accordingly.

Psychological Effect

Despite the fact that Female hair loss is a common problem today, it can leave a devastating impact on the confidence of women. It can make you constantly self-conscious making you completely frustrated and depressed. The loss of hair in women is often linked to changes in the hormone. Apart from that, the condition of polycystic ovarian syndrome can also lead to hair loss among many women. The key in getting the right treatment is to get the correct diagnosis first. Deficiency of iron or underactive thyroid can often trigger this problem.

New Treatment Lately Found:

The Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Maryland is the first practice to offer the solution of NeoGraft. This is a technology of hair restoration that can wonderfully treat Female hair loss. The cosmetic surgeons claim that this new procedure can result in completely natural looking hair line without any side effects or scars that are associated with the traditional types of hair transplants. As women suffer from different types of hair loss, this system is expected to benefit large numbers of women.

A Breakthrough in Restoration System:

The NeoGraft system is a breakthrough in the technology of hair restoration system. It can actually automate the extraction of follicular unit. As a result, the procedure is easy while affordable for the patients. In addition to that, this procedure is also considered to be less labor intensive for the surgeons. There is a mechanized tool that can extract the graft from the area of the donor to the area of baldness. The implanted hair can grow normally within a few months of the procedure being done. However, victims of Female hair loss are said to benefit immensely from this entire procedure.

This process is less painful and quicker compared to the traditional hair transplant. Consequently, the success rate of this procedure is also high. The collection process is highly improved and this increases the viability of each graph. These can also be customized for each patient suffering from Female hair loss. Apart from that, the device for implantation can also efficiently transplant the follicles to the same depth. This in turn, definitely imparts a more natural appearance to the new growth of hair. With this innovative solution, many women can now breathe a sigh of relief.

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