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Baldness: Causes and preventive tips


Baldness is one of the most embarrassing and mentally taxing condition for men and women. The general medical term for hair loss of the head is alopecia. Although there are several reasons for the condition, the most common reason these days is exposure of the hair to the pollutants and harmful chemical substances.

The problem of hair loss is more widely manifested in males in comparison to females. Many people view it as a common problem and don’t prefer to seek the assistance of hair specialists. However, consulting a hair specialist is always helpful because a professional can provide some useful guidelines to suit your specific condition of hair loss.

Common causes of hair loss:
There are different causes of baldness and it can happen at any age. Change in hormonal secretion, family history of hair loss, medication, illness, deficiency of useful nutrients and weight loss are some of the common reason for such health problem.

Heredity factor:
If any of your relatives are suffering from hair loss problem, you may be at an increased risk for developing this condition. The problem may be quite serious sometimes causing complete loss of hair. Hence it is always important to follow certain measures right from the beginning. This may minimize the chance of baldness in future.

Change in hormones:
In certain cases the cause of hair loss may be due to inappropriate balance in the secretion of hormones. Dihydrotestosterene is a male sex hormone which can be the main cause of hair loss in male. The secretion rate of this hormone increases with the advancing age and it can cause male pattern baldness in men. Since the hormone blocks the flow of blood and nutrients to the hair follicles, the hair may get weakened. This can lead to loss of hair at any stage. 

Rapid weight loss:
Rapid weight loss due to an underlying illness or any other medication condition can also lead to hair loss. This may be due to inadequate supply of proteins or nutrients to the hair. The hair follicles absorb useful nutrients from the blood capillaries and form new hairs. When the nutrients don’t reach at the follicles, the root becomes weakened and this may be the vital reason for hair fall.

Few useful tips to prevent hair loss:


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